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Another Step partners with people with developmental disabilities to create the lives they choose

Another Step currently operates five group homes known as Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRA) for people whose needs require 24 hour staff coverage.

Another Step  involves residents in the day to day activities associated with living in any home (shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.) while offering a wide range of activities tailored to individual interests, both in the home and the community.

  • Provide a clean and safe home.
  • Decorate our homes to reflect the individual interests of residents.
  • Create homes which are warm and welcoming .
  • Do not have set visiting hours, visitors are always welcome.
  • Involve family members and welcome their input.
  • Support people in developing skills required to be more independent in the home.
  • Insure our staff respect those who live in the home.
  • Listen to the people living in the homes and try to respect their choices.
  • Advocate for the people living in the homes.
  • Insure our staff have the skills to meet the needs of people living in the homes.
  • Provide positive behavior supports to assist people in developing socially appropriate behaviors.