Service Coordination

Another Step Service Coordination assists people with developmental disabilities in accessing the supports they require to live a life fully integrated in their community.


We help people:

  • Identify career choices, and assist them in accessing supports needed to gain employment.
  • Access residential supports to allow them to live where, how, & with whom they want.
  • Access supports that will enable them to be a full member of their community.
  • Access supports to develop, maintain, and strengthen relationships.
  • Access any need financial assistance.
  • Access the supports they require to develop independent living skills.
  • Live safe and healthy lives in their community.


We insure that people:

  • Actively participate in the management of their supports.
  • Can involve all those they wish to participate in planning for their future.
  • Can freely voice their preferences and concerns.
  • Understand that their service coordinator works for them