Day Habilitation

Another Step offers a unique approach to the provision of day supports for people with developmental disabilities. The agency provides all day supports utilizing generic community resources. There is no “center”, “program site”, or other type of artificial setting operated by the agency. Staff at Another Step structure the use of college facilities, libraries, coffee shops, gyms, and numerous other community resources to support people in being full members of their community. Skill development occurs at the time and place the skill would normally he used. Volunteering is encouraged as a means of developing relationships, being viewed as a valued member of the community, and building skills. All services are delivered in small groups to insure they are individualized and do not stigmatize participants.


  • Pick participants up at home in the morning and drop them off at the end of the day.
  • Develop and implement a meaningful scheduled of activities based on the participant’s individual preferences and needs.
  • Listen to people and make adjustments to the program based on the feedback of participants.


We help people:

  • Develop competency in self-help skills.
  • Increase communication abilities.
  • Improve physical fitness.
  • Build on educational skills.
  • Improve social competencies.
  • Become valued members of their community.
  • Develop relationships with other members of their community.
  • Develop skills needed to access places of commerce and leisure in the community.
  • Develop skills that can help lead to employment.
  • Acquire socially appropriate behaviors