At Home Services

Another Step provides two types of service for people who are living with their families. They are Community Habilitation and Respite.


COMMUNITY HABILITATION: Community Habilitation provides supports that are intended to increase the person’s independent living skills within the family home, as well as increase their capacity to function as a member of their community.
We provide training to develop or improve:

  • Self help skills
  • Dining skills
  • Homemaking skills
  • Community integration
  • Socially appropriate behavior
  • Shopping skills
  • Functional communication

IN HOME RESPITE: Respite provides supports to allow the caregiver time to regenerate so they can continue to effectively care for the person. This service is provided in the home and does not have a skill building component. In Home Respite does not provide over night service. In order to receive 24 hour respite service, the caregiver must access Site Based Respite which Another Step does not offer.