Our Mission


Another Step partners with people with developmental disabilities to create the lives they choose.


To this end, Another Step provides both alternative and traditional services through the use of person centered approaches that build individualized systems of support. Staff listen closely and work together with the people being served, their parents, advocates, and other interested parties to determine the person’s life interests. Another Step asks people: What’s important to you? What do you want to do with your day? Where do you want to live? What kinds of things do you want to do in your spare time?


The best opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to fulfill their potential, as well as exercise control over their lives, occur naturally in their communities and neighborhoods. Another Step fully engages people with developmental disabilities in their communities by supporting them in integrated housing, volunteer  work, and recreational experiences. Furthermore, this agency supports the development of consumer controlled housing as well as consumer owned businesses. At Another Step we are convinced that creative, consumer driven, approaches provide the best quality of life for all people with developmental disabilities.