Code of Ethics

         Another Step, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining integrity and high ethical standards in all that we do. The Code provides us with guidance and is intended to support our mission of providing quality services to all of the persons we serve.
         Maintaining integrity and high ethical and legal standards requires commitment and hard work from all agency personnel and each employee must accept responsibility for compliance with this code. All employees are expected to carry out their daily tasks in an ethical and legal manner. All employees and agents of Another Step are expected to abide by the rules, regulations and policies that govern their jobs.
         The core standards and values that are detailed here must be upheld for every employee and in all interactions with the individuals that we serve our colleagues and the community.
         All employees are also expected to bring forth any suspected compliance issues to the appropriate Supervisor, Compliance Committee and/or Executive Director.

Compliance: the following standards provide a detailed expectation and examples of non-compliance with the Code:

Code Standards:

  1. Disclose Conflict of Interest – Occurs on situations where a person can potentially direct or influence decisions to his/her personal gain.
    Examples of non-compliance:

    • Accepting gifts of significant value that would influence work related actions or preferential treatment.
    • Using business information and resources for personal gain.

  2. Adherence to Agency Policies and Procedures – Agency policies are created to unsure quality, consistency, fairness and safety for all employees and the individuals we serve.
    Examples of non-compliance:

    • Creating a harassing work environment: harassing another person.
    • Failing to comply with Equal Opportunity regulations.
    • Improperly recorded time sheets.

  3. Maintaining Accurate Documentation, Billing and Reporting Procedures – Another Step, Inc. will only bill and accept revenue for which it is entitled. Accuracy and retention of records are crucial.
    Examples of non-compliance:

    • Billing for services an individual did not receive.
    • Falsifying records / attendance sheets – including signatures and dates

  4. Compliance with all applicable Laws, Regulations and Polices (Agency, Federal and State)
    Examples of non-compliance:

    • Committing an unlawful act on premises or in community while working.
    • Using or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs during work time.
    • Not maintaining a good standing with professional licensure or certification.

  5. Support and Safeguard Another Step’s, Inc. Mission/Vision, Values and Assets – Our resources and facilities are to be used for job-related purposes only.
    Examples of non-compliance:

    • Failing to assume responsibility for your actions and decisions.
    • Not acting in accordance with mission and values.
    • Falsifying records.
    • Theft of Another Step property, supplies, equipment etc.
    • Use of Another Step equipment, supplies for personal purposes.

  6. Represent the Agency in a Fair and Honest Manner in All Interactions -
    Examples of non-compliance:

    • Offering inducements for referrals to Another Step.
    • Misrepresenting Another Step in the community, in services and functions.
    • Altering documentation.

  7. Adhering to Individuals Bill of Rights – Sets forth guidelines to ensure that no person be deprived of any civil or legal right solely because of a diagnosis of a developmental disability.
    Examples of non-compliance:

    • Provide preferential or differential care due to race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
    • Disclosure of information on an individual’s record.
    • Lack of protection of an individual’s rights with respect to privacy for personal hygiene and right to appropriate food and nutrition.

  8. Protect Confidentiality of the people we serve, our staff and our Agency – All staff and agents of Another Step, Inc. are responsible to safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of all individuals within our organization in accordance with HIPAA.
    Examples of non-compliance:

    • Inappropriate release of information.
    • Releasing names of staff / Individuals outside the workplace.
    • Gossip concerning staff and Consumers in and out of the workplace.


Further information regarding this code can be obtained by contacting Dawn Rich, Compliance Officer. For any questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact your immediate Supervisor or the CEO of Another Step, Inc.